The Op-Shop can be found next to the old church

Minto Anglican Church has an Op-Shop that aims to provide clothing at an affordable price. The shop is run by a few of the members of our morning congregation. Come in and take a look around! You should always be able to find:

  • T-shirts, collared shirts and business tops
  • shorts, pants and dress pants
  • ties
  • dresses and blouses
  • children’s clothing for a variety of ages
  • shoes

All clothes on sale at the Op-shop have been kindly donated by either the community or from members of Minto Anglican Church congregations. The profits from the shop go directly to supporting the needs of St James.

The Op-Shop is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 10AM and 2PM.

If you have any questions about the Op-Shop or you are interested in locating a particular item please give the Op-Shop a call on (02) 9820 3924.