Who is Jesus?


When you hear the name Jesus what comes to mind? A good man, a moral teacher, a healer of the sick, a fraud? And what about Christianity? Isn’t it just another religion? Most people never really get around to thinking about Jesus seriously. Think for a moment. Have you ever given Christianity and Jesus serious thought? Have you ever tested the claims of the Bible to see if they are true? Did you know that there is considerable evidence to support what the Bible claims? What would it mean for you if Christianity’s claims are true? The Bible claims that Jesus was no ordinary man – it claims that Jesus was God in the flesh and that he came to save people from their sin. True? Well…

… to find out more about Jesus please click on the menu above. Here you find links to several websites which will explore more about Christianity, information about where you can receive emergency help, as well as a link to a short explanation about the Christian faith called Two Ways to Live.