If you are looking to contact St. James directly please have a look at the information below. We also have posted a short bio of both our ministers.


Rev.Chris Hanger — (02) 9603 4425

Chris is the senior minister at Minto Anglican Church. Chris will generally preach at both morning services. If you have a question about the church or an upcoming event please give him a call. Chris is married to Jenny and has three grown-up children.

Assistant Minister

Rev. Matthew Bales – (02) 9603 1259

Matt has been the assistant minister at Minto Anglican Church since January 2011. He will generally preach at our 6pm service. He is a huge Rugby Union fan, is married to Jessica and has a two young children.

One thought on “Contact

  1. To the congregation of St James’

    Our family goes to the St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Camden however we just thought that we would drop your congregation a quick thankyou note. After my little daughter was born we were visited in Campbelltown hospital maternity ward and presented with a lovely pair of pink booties. I was having a bit of a rough time as a first time mum as bub was not feeding and the nursing staff were very busy and unable to really look after us. Your parishoners visit was a nice reminder that there are always people thinking of you in the tough times (even if they are perfect strangers) and that God never gives you more than you can handle and is ALWAYS thinking about all of his children.

    Definately a “God moment” so thanks again for your visit and kind gift – you never know how something little like that can really change a persons day and what a lovely outreach to mums and families who are probably a little overwhelmed/tired/stressed/exhausted…..


    The Grzasko family

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